Communication is the Key to a Relationship

It is no secret that relationships can be extremely difficult.  As clichéd as it might possibly sound, it is communication that is the key and the cornerstone for any good relationship.  What many have found, however, is that the proper form of communication is often a lot more difficult than it sounds.  First of all, when you are in a serious relationship with someone, emotions often get amplified, and so even what might seem to be the most innocent of remarks can be taken the wrong way and can escalate into a really bad argument.  There are a couple of tricks that certain psychologists have prescribed for their patients in order to help them communicate in their relationships, however, and these are things that people might want to consider when they are talking to their significant other.

First of all, it is important to express your needs to your partner in a way that is not accusatory or confrontational.  For instance, saying something like, “If you loved me, you would…” is hardly a good way to get your point across.  It implies that the person does not care for you because they have not met a certain need, and that is hardly ever truly the case.  Instead, it is best to provide positive feedback for the good things.  “I really like it when you do this” is one way to let your partner know about a certain action that they take that makes you feel good, and if they are open to your communication, they will react to that feedback accordingly and will work to do that specific thing more regularly.

Being conscious of little things like this when it comes to communication can really help to have a much more lasting, fulfilling relationship.