There are many committees out there. So many, in fact, it is hard to keep up with them all. But, if you are in the Boston area, live nearby, or are a marijuana advocate, there is a very special committee that might be of interest to you. this is the Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy and this committee is dedicated to eliminating the severe penalties of marijuana conviction. Here are six more facts about the committee that you might be interested in knowing.

1.    Formed in 2008

The committee formed in 2008. The committee has both men and women who are all advocates and supporters of marijuana. The same year, more than 100,000 signatures were gained in support of their new bill to reduce the penalties of marijuana related conviction.

2.    New Bills Passed

The committee passed their bill in 2009 after gaining all these signatures.  The first bill they initiated failed to connect with legislature, and so, they gained an additional 11,000+ signatures, and the bill was then passed in January.

3.    Support from All Around

The committee is based in Boston, MA, but has organizations from the city, the state, and around the country in support of their new updated polices and many people from around the country have adapted their own policies. Tennessee and Kentucky are two additional states that have decriminalized the usage of marijuana under one ounce, and many additional states have made it legally recreationally.

4.    New Changes

Now that the bill was introduced, those who are found in possession of marijuana are not charged criminally. Instead, they are charged civilly, and face a penalty of $100 rather than time in jail. This money is used to help the city and the state with various projects where money would otherwise not be found.

5.    Minors Face Additional Consequences

The changes the committee implemented in 2009 pertain to adult usage of marijuana. Minors who are found in possession and convicted of the crime face additional consequences. Those who are under 17 are at an even greater risk.

6.    Monies used

Since 2001, the committee has helped raise more than $100 million that has been used for various sources in the city. It was much needed money that both the state and the city needed, and now people are not confronted with so many possibilities.

Committee for Sensible Marijuana Policy

The committee supports the use of marijuana and believes that penalties for a crime should fit. Now that so much research has proven that marijuana is beneficial, there was a severe need for change. This committee was adamant about changes, and ensured they were able to gather signatures, spread the word, and get those changes made. If you want to support a marijuana friendly agency, this is one that you should support. You can do that in many ways, so if a monetary donation isn’t something that you desire, you can spread the word in many other ways, too.