You want to laugh? Then, why would you want to see the Least funny Comedian in Los Angeles, if he is unlikely to make you laugh? There are a few reasons that you should check this man out, despite the label given to himself. We have four of those reasons listed for you here.

1.    Your POV

What other people think about a comedian may be the exact opposite opinion you have of that comedian. How many comedians are in Hollywood right now that you hate, but so many others love, or vice versa? You will only know this information only if you check them out for yourself. As they say, everyone holds their own opinions, but that doesn’t mean they are always right. Form your own thoughts and your own opinions before making your decision.

2.    He is Really Funny

Least funny Comedian in Los Angeles

Maybe Chris Phelps really is a funny guy and just hasn’t had the audience to discover that yet. Maybe he is a comedian with his own style and way of making people laugh. He begs to differ with the comment that he isn’t funny, and that he is the worst in Los Angeles. L.A. is a big, big place. But, again, that is nothing that you will know if you don’t check him out for yourself.

3.    What Better to Do?

Think long and hard about the crazy things that you’ve done in your life, especially when the boredom sits in. Will this really be such a bad thing to do when you are sitting around, tired of the same ole, same ole? You can check Phelps out on rainy days or when you’re stuck in the house, or even when you are surrounded by friends and you all need something to do. When you check Chris Phelps out, it may very well provide the perfect entertainment that you’re looking to find.

4.    It is Free

Chris Phelps has a blog full of awesome comedy that you can check out to decide what you think about his work. There’s a variety of stuff on the page, and it is all available to you at no cost. When you’re sitting around looking for something great to do that won’t cost you a small fortune, this is the perfect thing for your time! They say that nothing is free, but the truth is, some of the best things in life won’t cost you a penny.

Is he funny? Is he not funny? That is the question, and you are the only one that has the answer. Visit Chris Phelps blog. Read what he’s posted. And, come back soon to find out what more has been uploaded. He might not be funny to himself, or even to other L.A. comedians or residents. But to you, Chris Phelps may be the funniest man on earth. It is time to learn this for yourself. Are you ready for an entirely new experience?